Dhis2 capture-app integration

Hi everybody
I am totally new to dhis2 development,
I am looking to integrate dhis2 whis my custom system

I am using capture-app with Electronic Immunization Registry program

I want when user enroll new child in the program I want add it automtically to my custom system
How to do this, I read the developer documentation I cloud not find way to do this
I have read about hooks but as I understand hooks does not support this

any help or sugestion from where I can start

Hi @anaskoara

Welcome to the DHIS2 community.

When a TEI is enrolled in a program, it is possible to create a program enrollment notification that sends the notification to the web hook in your custom system, and then the web hook in your system can send a GET request using the DHIS2 API to retrieve the data for the enrollment and make use of it in your custom system.

I hope this helps. Please post back if you have further questions, and it would be interesting to hear more about the use case and the custom system.

Thank you for your great response And suggestion
I used your method and It worked fine, this method is great but is poorly documented I struggled to make it run because, web notification sends POST request and no place in the documentation mentioned this, I find this information in short clip on Youtube after hours of search
I this dhis2 developers must add more documentation for web hook program notifications


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