DHIS2 capabilities

Hi all,

I wanted to confirm what DHIS2 can do from a technical stand point.
Can anyone reply if they know that DHIS2 can perform the below listed features (module examples would be great as well)?

  • Supply chain - Breakdown of shipments to individual items through the use of barcodes. Example, a truck has a single barcode that includes all of the individual boxes of malaria bednets. Each box also has an individual barcode, and each net in the box has an individual barcode. By scanning the truck barcode, the associated boxes and nets are linked, and we confirm shipment or receipt or whatever operation for all of the subitems on that truck (boxes, nets).
  • Supply chain: Individual items: I saw in the Covid demo that you can report by numbers the items received, distributed. Is it possible to do the same, but by scanning barcodes?
  • Attendance with biometrics: Is it possible to use biomoetrics to register people attending events? If so, what technology works?
  • Clock in and clock outs: Is it possible to register what time a person came in to work and when they left? We would use this information to calculate the amount we need to pay them, such as volonteers, community health workers, etc.
  • Electronic payments: After we do the clock in and clock out activities from the previous step, we’d need to pay the CHW. Are there any electronic payment methods that we can leverage to pay people?
  • Validations for electronic payments: Our policy states that one person can initiate the payments, but another has to approve them. Is this possible using DHIS2?
  • Are there any tools for planning SMC campaigns?


Hi R0b0tn1k,

Great questions! See the replies for your Supply Chain questions below.

What type of implementation are you looking to use DHIS2? The logistics related features in DHIS2 are intended to focus on end-user data capture for stock monitoring and analysis of stock data against health service delivery data. More advanced logistics management functionalities are meant to be conducted by an upstream system, which we would integrate with DHIS2 for data exchange and visualization.

Supply Chain - Breakdown - DHIS2 can scan barcodes and receive it as inputs natively, but shipment tracking and item tracking as you describe is not expected to be a native feature in the system. What we expect to develop in an advanced mode is for the packing list, generated by the upstream logistics system, to be shared with DHIS2. Once the delivery arrives, you only need to acknowledge receipt for all of the contents to be entered into the stock of the facility in question, which is more or less the same case you described, just without the barcode scanning for the truck.

Supply chain - Individual Items - DHIS2 can receive input from barcodes, but the quantities will need to be input through a mobile device or through a PC and web application.

For the other questions, I will let some of my colleagues who work with those features will provide a reply. Be in touch!

We are looking to do a Malaria bednet distribution, which would entail tracking the movement of nets as they enter the country, all the way down to distribution.
From what you’re telling me, DHIS2 does not support this out of the box, it needs to be used in conjunction with a LMIS system, is that correct?

There is always a need for some type of configuration for any implementation. Would you like to discuss in more detail? We can organize a call, send me a message at breno@dhis2.org. Be in touch.