DHIS2 attribute category combination shows no dropdown list options

Hi everyone,

I created a attribute category combination in the DHIS2, But for some reason when I choose the attribute category combination as part of my Dataset form, I can’t see the list of category options in the dropdownlist (Partners list).

Why can’t I see the list? I’m sure that I followed the instruction correctly.

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Hi, everyone.

I am facing the same problem. Even on the Sierra leone Demo, the problem persists. The image below illustrates it.

I have updated the category combination in the administration app.

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Hi @fernando and @ferdinandmussavene,

Which DHIS2 version are you using?

Can I also ask whether all the relevant metadata has been shared with the user who is entering the data in the dataset form?


Iam using DHIS 2 Version 2.33.1. The user has administrative privileges. The options do not appear when wanting to test if the form works correctly or not.

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Just to confirm. The user trying to do this is a superuser? Or what is the sharing settings for the category combo?

It works well in 2.33dev, but in that program, the category combo has public view/edit.

Can you give specific steps to reproduce?

Hi @Karoline

The problem is now solved.

Thank you.

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Happy to hear that! Can you let us know the solution, for future community members that might face the same issue?


Hi @Karoline,

The attribute combos appeared just after removing start date from category options. Not still sure if setting a start date was really the problem.

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Thanks for letting us know!