DHIS2 at African union summit

From February 02-06, Ethiopia hosted the 35th annual Africa union summit in Addis Ababa. Africa CDC mandated that every delegate (including ambassadors, ministers and heads of state) undergo an Antigen RDT test daily before entering the conference room. For this purpose, AU, Africa CDC, MoH and EPHI collaborated and used DHIS2 to register, issue digital and manual certificates, and generate summary reports.

An average of 2,000 delegates and staff members attended the meeting. Every day, almost all the attendees came at the same time, leaving a brief window to register or search and generate certificates. Thanks to the robust nature of DHIS2, we developed a new app for this specific purpose within 3 days leading up to the conference.

The implementation was a success because of a strong and vibrant team who were at the forefront of COVID response in the past 2 years. 2022 AU Summit dubbed 'COVID -19 Free Meeting' - YouTube


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Zambia is hosting a similar event in July. Are you able to share more information on this specific implementation. Did you use the tracker app or you developed your own custom app?