Dhis2 App hub error while installing a Dhis2 app "An error occured: An internal server error occurred"

Hello, I am trying to install a Dhis2 app to the App-hub but after filling in all required fields and uploading the required zip file and image, after pressing the save and submit button …it returns an error " An error occurred: An internal server error occurred".

But this app works well when installed on the demo dhis2 instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.36.4/dhis-web-commons/security/login.action.

I am not sure if I have to change anything or provide more information about the app or accept the issue is with the server as the error reads.

Thanks in advance. incase there is more information I need to supply. I will be glad to provide it.

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@birkbjo @mediremi could you create a Jira issue and investigate this?

@Amanyiraho_Robinson thank you for for submitting to the App Hub! It would be helpful if you can share the .zip file you are attempting to upload, so that the team can help diagnose the issue.

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Thanks for posting the issue here. I’ve dug through the logs and it seems like your app name is too long! We allow only a maximum of 100 characters, and yours is 103.
We are deploying a hotfix to the App Hub to fix the 500-error, and adding validation for this restriction in the UI.

We may increase this constraint in the future, but right now you should be able to upload your app by reducing the length of your app name :slight_smile: