Dhis2 app development requirements?

I want to develop an app basing on some unique requirements i have that dhis doesn’t , so the question is how can that app intergrate with dhis so that i can see and use it in dhis. secondly i have read that you use html,css,javascript,are we limited to this languages only? Third dhis core is the server-side source code of dhis but on github i cant see the source code as it is developed in java can someone explain .


Hi @mugisha_alain

Great question! For app development you are not limited to language, however we provide the tools to make an application using those technologies. JavaScript is the language that runs in the browser, and html/css is how you structure and style websites respectively, so those are not optional.

To be able to use the application like the other DHIS2 applications you will have to use those technologies, and it is advised to learn those before starting to build a DHIS2 application.

However, if you would want to use a different language, such as Java, then this is totally possible, but we just don’t provide the tools to do so.

To learn about the tools we offer, go to the Developer Portal, you will be able to find all you need: https://developers.dhis2.org

We also have a category on the CoP you can ask technical questions on Development - Développement

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I would like to add that you might be interested in checking out the Interoperability / integration options. (See Integration Docs on DHIS2 Developer Portal)