DHIS2 Android Survey 2020 - We need to hear from you!

Dear DHIS2 Community,

As you know, since the DHIS 2 Android App was released we have been in direct contact with you to make sure that the app responds to your needs and works with your server configuration.

Since the early moments we have learnt a lot from your contributions, and we are very grateful for that. We want to keep hearing from you and your projects to keep on adjusting to your needs.

For this purpose, we are opening today the DHIS 2 Mobile Community Survey 2020

We kindly ask you to complete the form ONE TIME for each one of your projects, you will find a section to request three priorities per project.

We will close the form by Friday March 20th to be able to process the information before we plan our prioritization for the coming versions.

We really thank you for sharing this information. The more we know about your projects the more we will understand your needs and reshape the priorities and roadmap of the App.

The Android team