DHIS2 Android Settings Web App version 2.1.1 is released

Dear DHIS2 community,

We are pleased to inform you that the version 2.1.1 of the Android Settings web application has been released. This is a patch release. It builds upon the last version including bug fixes and improvements that couldn’t wait for the next version. It includes no changes in the User Interface.

This patch release is our response to challenges and bugs reported by the community. Specifically, this version has added the following improvements (among others):

  • Configure the possibility to take screenshoots using the production APK of the Android Capture App (e.g. the one that is made available on GooglePlay). Screenshoots (or screen sharing) were previously deactivated for security reasons in the production APK. Now this functionality is configurable (by using a checkbox) in the Android Settings web app. Please note that the default behavior is deactivated screenshots.

  • Removing max values for some sync parameters. Specifically we have removed the fixed values for the maximum number of TEIs/Events to download, and the maximum number of reserved values. Now they appear just as warnings, giving the possibilty to the admin user to increase those values if needed. In any case, please keep in mind that big values in these parameters could singnificantly increase the synchronization time.

You can see the full list of bugs fixed and improvements here


Release Information Link
Download app from the App Hub https://apps.dhis2.org/
Documentation Android Settings Web App doc

Please report any issues you find in jira (Component: [App] Android Settings app)