DHIS2 Android Settings Web App version 2.0.0 is released

Dear DHIS2 community,

We are pleased to inform you that the version (2.0.0) of the Android Settings web application has been released.

The web app features are intended to support admins in various functions of a DHIS2 Android Capture app implementation. These include configuring synchronization parameters for the DHIS2 Android Capture app, encrypting the local database of the Android devices, customizing the appearance of Programs, Data sets, and Home screen, and adding TEI Analytics items, among other features.

This version of the Settings App has a revamped user interface and a new main menu to allow more funciontality, which now also includes:

1- Matomo URL and ID: Matomo is a google analytics alternative and open source, that can provide detailed reports on the use of the android app in your implementations and some user stats. If you have your own Matomo instance (as a service, or on premise), it is possible to redirect some usage stats of the app to your server, filling in the Android Settings App the Matomo instance URL and the project ID

2- Appearance customization: It is possible now to select which filters we want to show in the android app. The scopes where the filters can be deactivated or activated are the home screen, programs, and datasets. The configuration at program or dataset level can be global (the changes affect all programs or datasets) or specific (it affects a specific program or dataset). Also, we can turn off/on the completion spinner that shows the progress in the data entry form for programs

3- TEI Analytics: An admin user can define the TEI analytic items (charts, tables, single value) that will be displayed to the android user. The scope of the analysis is the TEI, so the visualizations will be displayed in the TEI dashboard of the android app. As valid data points, it will only take into cosideration dataelements that belongs to a repeatable program stage, or programindicators which formula contains at least one dataelement that belongs to a repeatable program stage. Any analytic item defined in the settings app will overwrite the default behaviour of the android app, that will show only the items defined in the settings app.

You have a more detailed feature list in the following link

This web app is compatible with 2.36, 2.35, 2.34, 2.33 and 2.32 . We recommend to always use these latest patch versions.

If you plan to use this web app, the following considerations should be taken:

  • This version comes with improvements and disruptive features, so previous versions (1.0, 1.1) are no longer supported, the settings stored using those versions will be removed.
  • The use of this app will overwrite the local settings of all Android devices using the DHIS2 Android Capture app for a given DHIS2 instance.
  • Only users with β€˜ALL’ authority are able to use this app to configure the parameters for synchronization, encryption, etc. Other users having access to this app, will be able to see the configuration but will not be able to edit any values.
  • If you select the encryption checkbox, it will affect the local database of all Android devices synchronizing with the server for a given DHIS2 instance.


Release Information Link
Download app from the App Hub https://apps.dhis2.org/
Documentation Android Settings Web App doc

Please report any issues you find in jira (Component: [App] Android Settings app)