DHIS2 Android Implementation Academy in Zanzibar this week!


(Karoline Tufte Lien) #1

About 70 participants and facilitators are gathered together this week learn about configuring the new Android app, planning for deployment, give and get feedback on requirements, and connect with the DHIS2 community!

@Kristin_Braa opening the Academy

We look forward to an informative and engaging week with all the participants.

(Karoline Tufte Lien) #2

Participants at work with the facilitators :slight_smile:

IMG_20181211_145630 IMG_20181211_151324 IMG_20181211_145638 IMG_20181211_145644 IMG_20181211_145650 IMG_20181211_145701 IMG_20181211_150403 IMG_20181211_151258 IMG_20181211_151309

(Karoline Tufte Lien) #3

Time for the bazaar - a lot of interesting use cases and sharing of experiences.

Cameroon MoH

Luke International Malawi

Botswana MoH (Nutrition)

Zanzibar MoH (Stock Management)

CHAI (Malaria Elimination)

HISP Sri Lanka (Nutrition)

(Stanley Kalyati) #4

This is wonderful

(Alice Aké Loba) #5

Thnak you Stanley :slight_smile: