DHIS2 Android Data Capture App Data Synchronization

Greetings community!
What data is exactly synchronized with the DHIS2 Android Data Capture App? For example, is the “Organization Unit” data fully synchronized i.e. Name, Code, latitude, longitude… among other fields, or is it just specific fields?

Reason for this is that I want to be able to query data (like latitude and longitude) that is stored on the Mobile device even while offline (without active connection to the server).

Thank you.

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Hi @AusseKalega,

The DHIS2 Android Capture app does not download all the metadata fields but specific fields. As a general rule it downloads the fields required to do data capture. In the particular case of “Organization Unit” element, it downloads the common properties (id, name, shortName, etc) and level, parent, openingDate and closedDate. But latitude and longitude are not downloaded right now.

I hope it helps.


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