DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.9 is released

DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.9 is released

Dear all,

DHIS2 Android Capture App 2.9 is out with many improvements and bug fixes.

This release is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and promoting ease of learning. In addition to new features, notable updates include a revamped user interface in key areas such as the list of TEIs events and datasets, the TEI Dashboard, and the data entry forms for programs. These fresh designs and improvements stem from a collaborative effort with Resolve to Save Lives, where their product and design team collaborated closely with ours in conducting user research and UI design activities.

Among other cool features, in this version you can disable the referral option when creating events in tracker programs if not needed, decide if you want the sections collapsed or expanded in your forms and create a personalized header for your TEIs. We hope you enjoy this version!

This version is fully compatible with the DHIS2 version 40 and you can find the detailed new features and fixes below.

Important: Several of the introduced features necessitate configuration through the DHIS2 Android Settings WebApp, which is also being released today.


Disable referral in tracker programs: When users add events in a tracker program, the DHIS2 Android Capture app offers three options: Add (for new events), Schedule (for planning future evetns) and Refer (for referrals or transfers). As this third option is not used in many implementations, this new feature enables the admin user to remove that option from the menu to simplify the user experience. The referral option can be hidden using the Android Settings Web App for all programs or for each specific program. Jira | Documentation App | Documentation Webapp | Screenshot

Skip home screen if users only have access to one program: The home screen of the DHIS2 Android App shows the list of programs and datasets available for the user. The first thing a user must do when using the app is to select the program or dataset to work with. In some implementations, users have access to only one program or dataset. To reduce the number of clicks and streamline the process of data entry, the App will now skip the home screen in the cases where the user has access to only one program or dataset, and will instead open directly to the program or dataset screen with the event, TEI or dataset list. Jira | Documentation | Screenshot

Display program stage description: The description for program stage sections was not available to the end user in previous versions of the App. To provide more context and information at the moment of data collection, the description has now been brought to the user interface and will be displayed below the section name. Jira | Documentation | Screenshot

Disable collapsible sections in forms: Stage sections in the Android App are displayed with collapsible menus that enable the user to open one section at a time. The purpose of this accordion-like implementation is to help the user navigate very long forms. However, some implementations would prefer to list the sections one after the other. This new version of the application enables the admin user to decide if the sections should appear in extended mode. This configuration is made through the Android Settings Web App and will display the sections one after the other with the section name acting as a separator. Jira | Documentation App | Documentation Webapp | Screenshot

Move working lists under the search bar: The working lists have been moved from the filters section to the main program screen. In earlier versions, the user had to open the filters to be able to see and select a working list. From this version, the working lists are always visible under the search bar, facilitating their use for filtering out Tracked Entity Instances. Jira | Documentation | Screenshot

New design for Dataset, Event and TEI cards: Cards are used for listing datasets, events and TEIs. The new design offers a cleaner and more intuitive layout, replacing the use of colored icons by descriptive text when relevant. Jira | Documentation datasets | Documentation events | Documentation TEI | Screenshot

Implement changes in TEI Dashboard details: The TEI Dashboard has been redesigned for both portrait and landscape view. The new design offers a cleaner and more intuitive layout, replacing the use of colored icons by text when relevant and moving some secondary actions to the hidden menus. Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

Data entry forms - New inputs per value type: The inputs for all value types have been redesigned. Tappable areas and texts have been increased and selection modes are improved to offer a cleaner and more intuitive user experience. By default, the Android App will display the previous forms. Admin users are able to opt-in to use the new forms through the Android Settings Web App. Jira | Documentation App | Documentation Webapp | Screenshot

[EXPERIMENTAL] TEI Header: The TEI Header is a title that can be added to the TEI cards and dashboards in the app. The title helps identify a TEI by displaying a summary of key information. It is formed by a concatenation of Tracked Entity Attributes and fixed text. The title is configured through a Program Indicator in the Maintenance app and is assigned to the tracker program in the Android Settings web app. This feature is experimental, and depending on feedback and adoption it will be refined and incorporated in the web Capture app. Jira | Documentation App | Documentation Webapp | Screenshot

Other improvements for User Experience

  • Smaller improvements focussing on user experience like a new org unit selector Jira | | Screenshot, or adding a loading spinner during the deletion of big databases. Jira | Screenshot


Bug fixing: You can find the list of bugs fixed here.


Release Information Link
Android App in Google Play or Github Google Play - Github
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Android App Source code on Github DHIS2 Android App · GitHub
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Documentation https://docs.dhis2.org
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Community forum https://community.dhis2.org/

Thank you!

DHIS2 Core and Android Release Teams


Hi Marta,
I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring your attention to the following Jira ticket: [ANDROAPP-4457] - Jira
We have identified this task as crucial for our project, and we would like to kindly ask you to consider it in the upcoming update of the application. The changes outlined in this ticket are essential for enhancing the performance and overall functionality of the application.
We appreciate your attention to this request and your ongoing efforts to improve the application.

Best regards,

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Dear @elmoujarrade,

The ticket is prioritised for the next release with the highest prioriy. We are confident that it will be included. Please follow up its evolution in Jira.

We really appreciate you patience with this issue.

Best regards,