DHIS2 - Add Custom Flag


Apps-Settings->Appearance Settings

Option: Flag

How can I add a flag that is not in this list?

I want to set it to Yemen’s flag, but it is not in the list.

Version: 2.34.1
OS: Windows 10


Hi @SaadAlmageedy,

In the next patch releases of 2.31, 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34.2, the Yemen flag and all other country flags in the world are included.

You can see that on https://play.dhis2.org/2.34dev

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Hi @Scott,

Thanks bro for your replay. I am using 2.34.1 and I didn’t find the flag. I will use 2.33 instead.

Much appreciate it.

@SaadAlmageedy. No worried. You’ll need to use the latest version, 2.33.6, but if this is not a pressing issue I would recommend staying on 2.34 and just waiting a few more weeks until the 2.34.2 patch release and then upgrading to that.

We have a new logo for ICAP and would like it to replace the current ICAP flag.

  • What is the process in getting the flag updated?
  • What file specs are necessary for the flag?
  • Can we get it to be reflected in older versions of DHIS?


Hi @LauraLincks ,

To get a flag updated you should raise a request through Jira.

The flags we use are usually .png files, 160 pixel wide.

The flag can be updated in our supported versions (three most recent versions) and released in the next available patch updates, after the Jira issue is processed.

Kind regards,

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