DHIS2.34.5 Possible duplicates

Hello there @Markus, @phil and @dhis2-tracker team

I have an interesting issue with Ukrainian language in my tracker program. I have my tracker entity type consisting only the TEA element which suppose to be unique. But at the time of enrolling new client, it always shows that there are “possible duplicates”, if the enrolling TEA consist of some Ukrainian(Cyrillic) letter inside. Those letters are: М, И, В, I.

I believe there is a problem with UTF-8 checking for uniqueness.
I was unable to get any logical connection between them.
Could you check it please.
Thank you.
Regards, Ulanbek

Thanks for raising this @Ulanbek ! I’ll check it with the development team.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Ulanbek and @phil ,

Was this issue resolved? I’m experiencing the same issue in Polish.


Hi @Don_Vieira and @phil

After update we had no issue since.

Regards, Ulanbek