DHIS2.32 feature spotlight videos

Check out the DHIS version 2.32 features and tutorials! These include: thematic map filters, dashboard filters, dual axis charts and rich text descriptions and interpretations.


Well done team for this.

Just a quick question: how soon do we expect to see the ability to add labels to the dual axes charts?

Thank you.


Thanks Dr. Okoye. As for me, i am looking for combo charts aswell.

Well done indeed. My users are really having fun with these enhancements in 2.32.



Hi @ifeanyiokoye,

Unfortunately, due to competing priorities, dual axis labels didn’t make it into 2.33, but they will definitely be in 2.34. We do realise that the ability to edit the labels is a key part of the dual axis functionality. ([DHIS2-6672] - Jira)

@Morley We very much hope to get combo charts into 2.34. ([DHIS2-6385] - Jira)

2.34 is planned for April 2020. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to bring new features that are most relevant to the whole community, while also focusing on stability of the platform.

Kind regards,

We are very happy that you are appreciating the new features!


Thank you @phil.
This is helpful

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Dear @phil @dhis2-analytics,
I am following up with the aspect of axis labels which we were expecting in 2.34. I just checked and still do not really see this functionality as it should be. I see the option to label the X and Y axes, but this does not affect a dual axes chart and it still shows as axis 1 and axis 2.
Is there a way to change these now in 2.34?
Thank you.

Hi @ifeanyiokoye, Unfortunately no, it was not included, and will not be available in 2.34. Because of massive performance and stability issues, it became a higher priority to include pivot tables into the data visualizer application. This was a massive undertaking and did not leave much time for us to do other things.

It is planned for 2.35 at this point.

Thank you @Scott