DHIS2.31.3 instance not building on tomcat8.5

Hello Community,

After encountering several issues with our server, we decided to reconfigure and upgrade its base server OS. We have then tried to reset the DHIS2 instance but tomcat is not successfully building it and we have explored many options in our means but have failed to understand the logs attached.

Someone please space 2 minutes to review and advise. Many people are counting on us.

Thank you.


tomcat_log (23.2 KB)

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@amuramira It looks like you have upgraded your database to 2.32 by deploying a 2.32 war. Once a new version is deployed, the connected db is automatically upgraded. You will not be able to deploy 2.31.x war onto a 2.32db. You can use a backup of your 2.31 db (the one before the upgrade) and let the application connect to it.

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@Ameen I am still using 2.31.3

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But the db is of version 2.32. Are you using demo db dumps?

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