DHIS2 2.40 Mis jour et creation user error 500

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On a installé DHIS2.40 et on ne peut pas créer ou mettre à jour un utilisateur. On a une erreur qui s’affiche : ‘An unknown error occurred - (500).’"

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@daniel1 welcome back to the community!

Please share the complete Catalina.out log (without sensitive/authentication info).

Thank you!

[catalina error.doc|attachment](upload://jjkIzUlcoDqWv3POTrMgSN5HYT7.doc) (489 KB)

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Okay, thanks!

  1. What is the exact version of the instance? Please update to the latest stable release: 40.2.0

  2. Please run Maintenance in Data Administration app (Clear analytics tables, Analyze analytics tables, Remove zero data values, Permanently remove soft deleted data values, Permanently remove soft deleted events, Permanently remove soft deleted enrollments, Permanently remove soft deleted tracked entity instances, Prune periods, Remove expired invitations, Drop SQL views, Create SQL views, Update category option combinations, Update organisation unit paths, Clear application cache, and Reload apps)…

  3. Please make sure you’re able to connect to the PostgreSQL database. Check the database configuration in the dhis.conf…

  4. After the above, please restart the instance

Finally, when you open again, please use Guest mode ( Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)

Remember to first update… thanks!