DHIS2 2.38 Data values Missing on some data entry forms

Hi community,

I upgraded DHIS2 from version 2.35 => 2.37 => 2.38 and noted some of the dataset set doesn’t populate data values. I checked datavalues table and confirmed data existing via data entry App.
Secondly, have noted data exist from visualizer app and error noticed after using chrome as guest.
Kindly see below screenshot as guided.

Data entry screen

tomcat error

cc: @Gassim and team

Hi @Kimonye

First, please know that incremental version-by-version upgrading is not required for versions 2.30 and above. In fact, you might want to upgrade from 2.35 directly to 2.38 ( but why not v2.39 or v40?) so as the docs mention please read the upgrade notes for the version that you are going to upgrade to in the releases site.

I can’t see any error in the screenshots you provided. To the best of my understanding, you say that the data entry app is not showing the data but the data visualizer app?

What is the version of the data entry app? Please did you check that the OU as well as the datasets are assigned to the user for capture and analysis? Additionally, did you run the Analytics Tables export in the Data Administration app?


Hi @Gassim,

Thank you for the response. I fully utilized Maintenace features but data not generated. Have noted the default attributeOptionCombo uid was different from version 2.35.