DHIS2 2.38.0 Inability to edit TEI attributes using new capture features

Hi community,

I am testing the new DHIS2 2.38.0, particularly the new capture feature. My issue is on editing the person profile. When I press the edit person profile, I am not getting the fields for editing the attributes on my interface. See screenshot below:

This is what is showing the Browser Dev Tools Console

What could be the issue?


Hi @ckamb,

I’m trying this on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone and it saves the changes to the profile:

Would you be able to get more info about the Network request. Open your browser console (F12) then click on the Network tab, and if you see any red text please click on it and take a screenshot.

There’s an error in the image you shared in the console but we need to know what it says (the details of the errors)


Hi @Gassim ,

See screenshots below

Please, just making sure as I report the issue, did you try to clear the cache first? Thanks!

@Gintare is suggesting that this issue could be similar to https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-13196 so we will let you know when there’s more info.


Yes I did

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