DHIS2 2.38.0 - Event program Visualizations Showing Option Sets as Codes instead of name

Hi Community,

Testing out DHIS2 2.38.0; Noticed that the option sets on the visualizations from the event programs are showing codes instead of names in the Auto generated Chart Title/Subtitle . See screenshots below:

Any fix for this available?


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Hi @ckamb,

Thank you so much for posting your testing of the 2.38.0! I wonder what the issue is in this case because I couldn’t replicate it; however, would you try to get more info from the API request below and see if you could share the configuration of this data element (that you shared the visualization of)?

instance-URL/2.38.0/api/dataElements?filter=code:eq:insert the code here please&fields=code,name,shortName,aggregateType,domainType,displayName,valueType,displayFormName,optionSetValue,translations[*]

Or if you find one on play or an online instance that you can share access to, that would be helpful.


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