DHIS2 2.33.5 - Jasper iReport Designer

Hi Everyone

I am facing an issue to use DHIS2 reports application.i.e Standard Report - Using Jasper Reports

Installed Jasper iReport Designer 5.6.0 but it is not running…

Javed Akram

Hi @mrjavedakram,

Could you please clarify the issue you are facing? What is not running - dhis2 or the jasper ireport designer? If it’s DHIS2, could you give us a little bit more information on:

  • the version of dhis2 you are using
  • console or server logs from when the error occurs
  • preferably, an example, that will help us to reproduce the error on play.


Hi Javed,
You need to show us the log for us to help.

Hi @mrjavedakram,

Try to update the ireport.conf file.
Sometimes, jdkhome is not set up.
Jasper ireport designer can only work with JDK <= 8.