DHIS2 2.29 (build 7a597d0) - Program Indicator - Custom aggregation type

Hello everyone,

I was trying to set up a program indicator with a custom aggregation type with the following expression: sum ( (#{DE1} - avg (#{DE2})) / #{DE1}) * 100

It wasn’t working (e.g. result displayed in form was “false”) and during our “investigations”, we’ve discovered the fact that the tracker capture app was logging the following messages “sum is not defined” and “avg is not defined”.

I’ve tried to find an example of Program indicator with custom aggregation type on the play server which I could copy but we faced the same problem with the one we’ve found ( https://play.dhis2.org/2.29/api/29/programIndicators/yFTplrY7NaL


Btw, we’ve tried to simplify the expression to “sum (#{DE1})” (leaving the aggregation type as custom) and were facing the same troubles.

Can someone tell me if we’re doing something wrong, if we’ve wrong expectations, if it’s known bug (found nothing on the Jira), or if the custom aggregation type is no longer supported…

Thx for your lights,



Thomas Warichet


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