DHIS release 2.33 is in Beta!

Dear All,

DHIS release 2.33 has been branched off for factory and beta testing prior to the release planned for 3rd October 2019!

You are very welcome to check out the 2.33 Release Candidate and provide feedback!

A preliminary list of feature and bug fixes for 2.33 can be found here: Preliminary 2.33.0 Release Note

A demo instance is available here: 2.33 Release Candidate Demo

If you want to test in your own environment:

Give us your feedback!

If you want to raise bug reports against the 2.33 release candidate, please create a Jira ticket with the following fields:

  • Project: DHIS 2 Software (DHIS2)
  • Affected Version/s: 2.33-rc1

We are very interested to hear from you if you find:

  • things that are broken since the previous release
  • bugs or usability issues in new 2.33 features

In addition, please feel free to raise questions or comments about the functionality in this thread!

Note: The beta testing campaign will run until 21 September 2019.


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Hi @phil,

I didn’t see the import data by attribute. Please provide the feature into export/import app.



Hi @taufiqhs,

Thank you for finding and highlighting this! This is a valuable feature that has been missing since the new Import/Export App was released!

We are looking into this now and may be able to get it in to the final 2.33 release! :crossed_fingers:

Kind regards,


Thank @Phil,

And if you can offer a new feature like “Chart Color” or using “Legend Color”

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Hi @taufiqhs,

That’s been highly requested for some time, and is something we have on the roadmap for 2.34: https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-670 :wink:

Kind regards,