Dhis organisation unit support

Hello, I have faced this challenge and I need your support or clear explanations, so I want to have an organization unit of Africa(if you know resources where i can find it please suggest) so that I can have its map in dhis maps meaning I need to have its polygon coordinates too, I want to import it I have read some posts on the community and some of the options I saw first is using sql insert query in the database second option is to use import&export app but I have faced difficulties in making an XML file. Since am a developer I prefer using sql query but I need you to explain to me the required fields in the organization unit table and also about the geometry field in the table I would like to get more explanation about this option.

Hello @mugisha_alain You can download geographic (GIS) data for any country in the world via this link



Convert the shape file into a gml file then import it using import/export app
If you are having some problem importing the files, feel free to reach out to me via raphaelkenyuri@gmail.com

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