Dhis on the cloud

Hi, i am a newbie into this brilliant open source software, i have tried to run dhis2 on the google cloud in vain, i also tried to run it on docker container in alibaba cloud and get the following error:

any help is highly appreciated

According to your screen capture I would assume that:

  1. In your docker-compose there is an image that includes Postgresql
  2. Your server is already running Postgresql

Therefore whenever docker attempts to bring up the container it cannot start because the port is already in use.

You could do one of the following:

  1. If possible stop the other postgresql service (might be a docker present somewhere) or a full postgresql installation.
  2. Or, a bit more complicated, modify your container so it listens in another port (exposing the port via docker to another port); but this means you have to configure your other container (DHIS2) so it doesn’t search for postgresql in the 5432 but on the other defined port

Any tutorial i can use to run this on the cloud? i would prefer google cloud