[dhis-mobile] [mobile] DHIS Mobile 2.11 released

Dear team,

Thanks for the release we are very excited with the addition of SMS reporting.

Uganda has about 4 use cases and planning more.

  1. Under the Saving Mothers and Giving Life project in 4 districts in Uganda a project aiming at reducing maternal and neonatal death, we have set up a weekly reporting system for two mortality indicators (Number of women of reproductive age dying during the week and Number of infants dying after 24 hours after birth every week). Over 3000 community/village health workers are supposed submit reports by sms every week. In the last two weeks we have managed to get over 300 community workers submit their reports.

  2. Elimination of Mother to child transmission of HIV (EMTCT); 9 indicators were selected for monitoring the program on a weekly basis and DHIS2 mobile reporting using SMS is currently rollout country wide.

  3. HIV and CD4 quality control and Quality assurance reporting managed by the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Uganda. Proficiency testing result reporting from HIV and CD4 testing centres country wide are supposed to report back their test results using DHIS2 sms reporting. System testing was done with 535 facilities and contracts with the SMS aggregators are being finalized to rollout to over 3000 testing centres to report quarterly – HIV and bimonthly CD4.

  4. Discussions on using DHIS2 sms reporting for the Global Health Security in the Emergency Operation Cnetre for Uganda as part of the Global pilot in Uganda and Vietnam are underway to code disease and symptoms of interest.

In all the above we are able to send bulky sms to users and groups on individuals through the DHIS2 send sms platform. Especially for the Community health workers, we are supposed to send out MCH related campaign smses to all the community Health workers. For the HIV/CD4 proficiency test results reporting systems, we send out actual results to testing labs to grade themselves.




On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 10:07 AM, Ngo Long long.hispvietnam@gmail.com wrote:

Hi everyone,

We would like to announce you that DHIS Mobile 2.11 released with the following features:

**Mobile Web:**

- SMS aggregate reporting (using SMSCommand).

- "Send SMS" menu is now available under "Service" menu.

- View chart on mobile light.

- Mobile light up to date with business logic of tracking 2.11


- Support SMS transport.

- Support auto update (from now on).

- New main menu for aggregate report.

- Support multi-organisation unit for both aggregate and tracking.

- Bug fix.

You can check out the source code of J2ME at: [https://code.launchpad.net/~dhis-mobile-devs/dhis-mobile/2.11](https://code.launchpad.net/%7Edhis-mobile-devs/dhis-mobile/2.11)

Please find the attachments for the jars file of J2ME. We will upload them to DHIS2 homepage soon.

Best regards,

Prosper Behumbiize, MPH
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               +256 702 762707