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Hi Rin,

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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:32:05 +0700
Subject: Error with running command mvn jetty:run
Hi all DHIS-Dev,

I am newbie with using DHIS2, and I would to customize some functions to make compatible with my Organisation FHI360 in Cambodia.

My doing.

1.first i use command mvn install in folder /dhi2 and /dhis-web (source i download using Bazaar Explorer)

2.and then i use command mvn clean install in folder /dhis-web-portal

3.and then i use command mvn eclipse:eclipse in folder /dhis-2 and /dhis-web

4.and i also configure hibernate.properties throught this:http://www.dhis2.org/development

5.when i import into eclipse, i got success import.

But when i use command mvn jetty:run in folder /dhis-2/dhis-web/dhis-web-portal

I got like picture 1:

And then i open browser, but i got error like picture 2:

So what should i do? plz help thank you very much for looking.

Thank you

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