DHIS Custom Dashboard

Hi all, Happy New Year.
I would like to know how to make the dashboard like the image below. Any help is welcome.
Thanks in Advance

Hi @asacur,
Happy New Year to you too! :tada:
Would you please provide more info? What is this image? Please describe the functionality.

Thank you!

Hello @Gassim, this is a dashboard it’s like a table when a user clicks on the link goes to the pivot table. This dashboard is from DATIM.

Hi everyone, I’m attaching another photo to give you a glimpse of what I plan to do. Any help is welcome.

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Thanks for sharing @asacur!

You know it’s possible to create text boxes and spacers in a dashboard so something similar to this is doable in a way; however, you seem to want to develop an app for it perhaps with more features. I wish you all the luck!

Thanks @Gassim, I’m looking for documentation so any help from the community would be appreciated.