Dhis Caputure V 2.5.2 and Event capture issues

Hello everyone.
I can’t enter the data on the android application v 2.5.2 of dhis Capture. I can only search for already entered cases using the filter while I can enter the data using the browser.
so I can’t connect to the Event Capture application. As soon as I validate the authentication parameters, the application closes automatically. I am using DHIS version 2.37.4.

Hello @Sozanga_Sanou .

Could you provide a testing user to the instance? Via private message, please


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Hello! Sorry because this is a local deployment. You can’t access it remotely

Thanks you sir, its ok now

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@Sozanga_Sanou thanks for the update! Would you please share how the issue was solved for the benefit of the community and anyone who mught face this issue in the future?

Thank you!