DHIS 2 version 2.3 released

Hi all,

DHIS 2 version 2.3 is released and there are major improvements to GIS, charts and performance in general. New cool stuff:

  • GIS: Relocate facilities on the map. Click on a facility, select “relocate” and move it to its correct position. In combination with the Google Hybrid Satellite map this is a viable alternative to GPS-based positioning of facilities.

  • GIS: New symbol layer. Visualize location and distribution of facilities based on its type - each type can be assigned an icon.

  • GIS: View “information sheet” for facilities, containing organisation unit attributes and values for a configurable group of “infrastructural” data elements.


  • General performance improvements: Most database operations in the systems are now cached with both improves speed of navigation and moves load from the database into memory - which is easier to scale when required. Most lists in the system are either paged or loaded asynchronously which improves the perceived performance and usability - you can start working on the forms without waiting for long lists to load completely. Data mart processing time down 65 %.

  • Charts: Data elements can be used in charts. You can also choose between indicators, periods, and organisation units in charts. Charts can have target line.


  • Data set report: Export to PDF and Excel


  • Provision for “number of days” for aggregation period in indicator formulas: Useful e.g. for bed occupancy rate indicators.

  • Indicators in custom data entry forms: Used for displaying on-the-fly calculations, useful e.g. for stock forms / reports. See (contrived) “EPI Stock” form.


  • User can only create new users with less authority than themselves, useful for decentralization of user management.

  • Feedback function where messages are sent from any user to a configurable group of users.

  • Full support (except map export to image) for Internet Explorer 9.

  • For the technically interested: Hibernate upgraded to 1.6, Jquery upgraded to 1.6.1, CKEditor 3.5, CalculatedDataElement and Source object removed, minimalistic skin, Google API skin no longer required.

  • We now have a fresh new 74-page implementation guide, download here:


  • The MyDatamart tool now includes function for generation of Excel pivot tables connected to the local data mart.

Get WAR file, Live package, MyDatamart, mobile client, source code and sample data from here:



the DHIS 2 developer team

Thanks for the new release.
What may be missing are the icons for adding in the features names of displays on the map e.g. specific District name, facility name, county name etc,(not all names)

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