DHIS 2 version 2.0.2 / Live package officially released

DHIS 2 version 2.0.2 is officially released!

Also, DHIS 2 Live has been upgraded. DHIS 2 Live is the version of DHIS 2 featuring an embedded servlet container and database, which is ideal for small to medium installations, demonstrations and training. It now also provides a Windows executable as well as a Linux start-up script which will get you up and running only seconds after downloading the package. This package also ships with a sample database.

dhis2.com and Launchpad has been been updated with all the info. Some links:

o Downloads page containing Live package, WAR file, source code, BIRT webapp and sample databases:


o Documentation page containing installation instructions, developer and user documentation, javadocs and changelog:


Thanks to Bob for good work on the release process and Live package.