DHIS-2 Root Organisation unit Re Create Issue


IF Root Organisation unit is delete mistakenly how to recreate root orgunit. (Top Level Org Unit). Other org unit work properly. When login from root user (admin) its show nothing in maintenance app. Also not shown org unit tree .

Any possible guide ??

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I am facing the same issue have you had any breakthrough mate?

Hey @Kibahila welcome to the community and thank you for searching for a post related to your question! I would like to ask you how did you mistakenly delete the top level org unit? Could you share the steps to recreate this issue on play.dhis2.org? What version are you using? Thank you! (:

hello @Gassim thanks for your reply but i am currently taking the training on dhis2 fundamentals in module 4 (DHIS2 customization:4.3 -Organization Units) where i deleted the root organization with the purpose of creating another one with my custom name in the dhis2 customization environment hence i cannot create another root organization and also i cannot create the organization groups since it has no any root linked to it.

Hey @Kibahila,
It’s really great that you found your way to the Community of Practice and hopefully you will continue to share with the CoP! For your situation, please send a support request with this info and your username/email to fundamentals-support@dhis2.org so that one of the admins will fix it for you. You’re facing this issue because it needs admin rights! (:

Good luck with your course and learning path in the DHIS2 Academy. :+1:

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hey @Gassim i have already contacted them and received assistance thanks for your help and be blessed, will be sharing more with the community have a great day.

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You’re welcome! :+1:

Looking forward to your contributions and have a great week! (: