DHIS 2 Android App 2.0.0 is released [2.33 compatibility]

Dear community,

DHIS2 Android Capture App 2.0.0 has been published in Github. We are also working with Google to publish it in the Play Store. This version of the app is using some SMS functionality that requires Google’s approval before publishing to the Play Store. We expect to receive the approval within the next few days and will send an additional communication to confirm when the app is available on Google Play Store.

This version is compatible with 2.30 through 2.33 (and has no breaking changes with 2.29). It includes a lot of bug fixes (listed here) and many new features! You can find an overview of new features with screenshots at the end of this message, and the detailed list in Jira here.

The APK is available in Github

You can find the updated documentation here.

2.0.0 Overview

Aggregate data model - Datasets in Table view

Aggregate data capture is finally included in the app

Integrated SMS Sync

Useful for syncing data with the server when the user is offline (e.g. notification in a surveillance context)

Granular Sync - Per dataset, program, event or TEI

Now it is possible to manually sync all data that belongs to a specific program/dataset, or to sync one TEI or single event at a time. Depending on the use case, it can be useful to sync information at the moment of collection. It will also help in reducing traffic to the server.

Extended filtering

In addition to filter by org. unit and period, now it is also possible to filter TEIs and events based on their states (synced, not synced, errors…), and status (completed, opened, etc.)

Profile TEI Picture (value type image)

The app now supports images as data elements and attributes. For example, you can add an image as part of a TEI profile. The image can be displayed in maps and TEI lists as part of their profile.

Map view and capture and display of polygons

Draw and display polygons in a map when the feature type for a TEI is configured as polygon. Useful in case you want to track and display polygons in a map. For example, a focus area in a malaria elimination context.

The Android Team


Thank you for the update. The update is not yet available in google play store. Can you make that available?


Excellent.Brilliant,innovative stuff everyday


Hi Derebe,

We really would like to make the app available in google Play, but unfortunately it does not depend on us this time. This version of the app is using some SMS functionality that requires Google’s approval before publishing to the Play Store. We are still working on it, but it is taking more time than expected. Hopefully it can be sort it out soon.

We will keep the community posted


Has anyone considered F-Droid?



Are you recommending F-Droid or are you asking if it has been used before in the community. If it is the latter, I know we discussed it at the 2018 Zimbabwe Android Academy. @Ranga may be able to highlight some implementers that are using it and who could likely provide some feedback.


Both, I suppose. :slight_smile:

It is certainly an alternative distribution method for open source tools for folks that can’t easily navigate the GitHub manual APK installation method, and can also push out updates/upgrades as they are made…

I followed all the instructions but still can't install dhis2

Le jeu. 23 janv. 2020 à 22:15, Michael Downey via DHIS2 Community noreply@community.dhis2.org a écrit :


Hi @Emilie , you can download the APK directly to your Android device here: https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app/releases

Browse to that page on your device and then click the link to download the APK (see screenshot below). Your specific device may prompt you to change some settings to allow downloads of APK.


@downey I’ve not used F-Droid myself but know its a viable solution for those savvy enough to use it. I have used a paid MDM solution before to push APKs and manage devices for a couple thousand devices before. That was 2018 though and at least then F-Droid didn’t have all the capabilities we needed–perhaps it is time to take another look for new features.


merci, je vais essayer

Le ven. 24 janv. 2020 à 13:25, Chase Freeman via DHIS2 Community noreply@community.dhis2.org a écrit :


Hi @downey. In the DHIS 2 Android team we are currently working on an MDM matrix comparison chart where we will collect several MDM that have been tested.

F-Droid should not be considered an MDM although it can certainly be used for distributing the DHIS 2 App. Unfortunately, as not being an MDM, it cannot be used to push updates to the clients so updating the App would need to be done on a device basis which might be a bit cumbersome; however this can be somehow overcome by setting the devices with a combination tasks (rooting the device, installing a specifc F-Droid privileged app, etc).

For that reason if you are planning a big deployment I would not recommend F-Droid as a management tool.

If anyway it is decided to be used as a distribution tool (not that this doesn’t mean management) it should be quite straight forward to set a private repository where the DHIS 2 App could be uploaded. See:

At the moment we have no plans of distributing the App via the official F-Droid repository although we might reconsidering this in the future if there would be a high demand.