Dhis 2.33 SMS Notification

Hello community,

I want to send a sms notification when program stage completed and also based on program rule. But I’ve not seen this possible.

I don’t know if it’s possible or not. I’m using dhis 2.33.2


Hi @didate,

Both of these things should be possible. You can create a program/program stage notification that will be sent when you complete a stage, or when a program rule is triggered (with the action “send message”). I do think you have to set up these notifications separately though. Have you looked at the documentation (https://docs.dhis2.org/2.34/en/dhis2_user_manual_en/configure-programs-in-the-maintenance-app.html#create-program-notifications)?


Thank you @Karoline

But what I want is to send negative covid results only when the stage is completed. So when the stage is completed, it must also launch the program rule to check if the result is negative before sending notification .