DHIS 2.33 : Generic HTTP Gateway configuration issue

Hello everyone,

I have problem to add a gateway in dhis mobile configuration.
When I save and I reopen I find that the fields Message Parameter and Recipient Parameter are cleared.


Need a help please.


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Thanks for reporting @didate. Which version is this?

@zubair, can you please have a look?

Best regards,

Can you share gateway API document. I need to understand how gateway API works only then I can guide you better.


Hello @Karoline and @zubair , Thank you for your response.

Iā€™m working with dhis 2.33.2

in fact, I developed my own API which communicates with the Orange SMS API.

My API must receive two parameters which are the message and the recipients.

In the past, I tested my API in dhis 2.28 and it worked well.

Thank you.