Developer Meetup Friday July 9 at 13:30 CEST (web development discussion/informal chat)

Hi everyone!

Join us next Friday July 9 at 13:30-14:30 CEST for our Developer Community Meetup.

Topic: Informal meet and greet and general discussion about Custom Web Application Development

Host: Austin McGee

  • Informal meet and greet / general discussion about web app development
  • If you would like to present an app that you built or are currently building for 5-10 min please let us now here or by DM

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What are these meetups?
A series of online meetings with the DHIS2 Developer Community. These meetups are a great way for developers working on DHIS2-related projects to connect, ask questions and stay updated.


We are developing a few apps, and are facing some challenges…would we be able to ask those questions in the meeting? Or we have to ask specific questions in the community. problem in community is, some questions are never answered.

Thanks for providing us chance to share our views, Kindly discuss mechanism of JASPER Reporting in DHIS2 Reporting tool.

Hi there,
Unfortunately I can’t take a part this Friday, but would be great to discuss regarding Jasper Report.

Regards, Ulanbek

Hi @sybghat @Ulanbek - thank you for your interest!

This meetup is for development of custom applications, not core features such as Jasper in the Reports App - if you have questions or want to learn more about that feature please feel free to create a new Community of Practice topic! @Gassim

@Mahmud you can certainly ask questions on the meetup! However it would be best if you first create a Community post so that more people can help to answer it. @gassim and @debora have joined our team recently and are doing a great job ensuring that all community posts receive an answer.


I have community posts which are not answered. And according to other members Jasper linking is not possible anymore. It simply does not work, and the core team does not answer in those threads. it’s a little disappointing actually.

Hi @Mahmud, most of your posts were for dev support isn’t it? I have been trying to respond to the most recent posts but with the help of @austin and @debora as well as the dev community in CoP, I hope you’ll find the answers. I will try to summarize for austin and deborah your posts, and I will start with your posts by the most recent ones.

Good luck!

Here is a new zoom link for the meetup, see you all soon! Launch Meeting - Zoom