Design for Analytics Level 1 - East Africa, submission of day 7 part 2

Regarding the training Design for Analytics Level 1 - East Africa, I must submit my submission of day 7 part 2, for two days that I try to do it, but the button “Upload your file” does not work, and subsequently, impossible to attach my PDF file.
What do I have to do.
Thanks for your help

Dear @elmoujarrade

Thanks for your request. Please follow the steps:

  1. Click the Choose button to select the file to be uploaded
  2. Enter some text in the text box
  3. Click the Submit your response and move to the next step
  4. A 1st dialog box is being displayed asking Do you want to upload your file before submitting? . Click OK
  5. A 2nd dialog box is being displayed asking You’re about to submit your response for this assignment. After you submit this response, you can’t change it or submit a new response. . Click OK

That way you can submit with the attachment while skipping the Upload your file step.

Hoping this helps.


Thank you Matthieu for your quick response.
The problem is solved

Hi, Matthieu
Regarding the course “Design for Analytics Level 1 - East Africa” ​​there is an error in the evaluation of the exercise of day 7; instead of giving me a mark (35/35) for part 1 and 2, the scoring manager put: 20/35 and 15/35.
Please take the necessary steps to correct my note.
thank you so much

Hi @elmoujarrade,
thanks for your request. Sure let me liaise with the team and keep you posted.

Hi @elmoujarrade,

I had a closer look, and found the reason: you submitted the Part 1 of the assignment of Day 7 in the ‘End of Day Activity’ and the Part 2 in the ‘End of Day Activity (Late submission)’. The system is configured to take the highest grade among either ‘End of Activity’ or ‘End of Activity (Late submission)’ for each day. In your case it selected ‘End of the Day’ (57% vs 43%).

The good news is that you are still above the pass grade, meaning that you have earned a certificate anyway. Congratulations!


Hi, Matthieu
Thank you for your attention, and congratulations to all participants for their contribution.

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