demo website - no admin rights - no permissions

Dear DHIS2 experts,

to learn tracker programs i found the DHIS2 COVID-19 demo website:

It seems to be a good start to a similar tracker system we want to implement in our project here in Berlin.

But how can i look deeper in the definition of Metadata objects? By example if i try to click on a program, this message appears:
“You do not have permissions to edit thie object”

Q1: How can i get more rights to look deeper? I just need read only permissions.

Here is the next issue:

I tried to follow a specific patient in the program “COVID-19 Case Based Surveillance” to understand the system:

If i open the app “Event Reports”, then Favorites.Open ”COVID-19 Case Based Surveillance” i see this patient (first row):

OrgUnit: PPM Longcheng
Local Case ID: ID-2709544
Spx Type of Test: PCR

Then i open the “Capture” App and select program: “COVID-19 Case-based Surveillance”.
Registering OrgUnit is “PPM Longcheng”

The first entry in thze Enrollment list is
First Name: “Tina”
Surname: “Cynthia Melton”
This is the patient described in the Event report with the Local Case ID: ID-2709544 (you can add the column “Local Case ID” in the list to verify this.

If i click on this list entry, the data entry dialog opens with the Profile and Tabular Data Entry (for the Events).
Q2: The problem is: There are no events in the record! Why?
I assumed that the value: “Spx Type of Test: PCR” should be in the “Stage 3 - Lab Results” Event.

Q3: If i press the PLUS-Button in Tabular Data Entry, then choose the default date, an error occurs:
“Error in event creation. An error occurred, please check import summary.” What is wrong here?

Maybe i have miss some fundamental understanding but i am not sure.
Please could you help me to find answers to my questions?

Best wishes,

Hi @xmic,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

Please, have you take a look at the metadata packages documentation:

Please click on the options for the program and click show details, you will find a link which shows the description of the metadata object.
The link in the image:

It does seem like all the TEIs have the value PCR for the Spx Type of Test as well. :slight_smile:

I think this is indeed permission issues as you mentioned in your title. It might be that the user has analytics access to the org units but doesn’t have the capture for the org units. Will ask the team working on the metadata packages to check it out.

Thank you for reporting this!

Dear @Gassim,
thank you so much for the fast reply.
I realised that i did not explained clear enough my issue. Sorry for that, i will try to improve:

I would like to get access to the metadata implementation to learn about program details, enrollment details, program stages, how the program indicators are build, which expressions are used inside the program indicators and so on.

I think this could be difficult: the reason could be that the DEMO-User has no rights in the “Metadata authorities” table in the user role. And it seems there is no checkbox for readOnly in that table. Only “add/update”, “delete” and “external access”.

So my question is still: how can i get read-only access to the nice metadata implementation?

Best wishes,

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Hi @xmic,

It is possible to download the metadata packages into an instance you’ve got superuser access to:

Please check here to download the metadata package: