Delete persisted validation rule result


Is there a way to delete persisted validation rule results via the web application ?

I always have to go through the database using the following query

delete from validationresult

besides, what is the use of persisting the validation results ?


Hello dear Mamadou, to delete validation rules through the web application, first start deleting validation rule groups. (In case you have the validation notifications you should start deleting this) here is the chronology as the case that might arise delete validation notification- delete validation rule group-delete validation rule. Respect this chronological sequence and let me know if it worked. I hope I have answered your concern.

Hello @Arkadit Thank you for your message

Humm, this is not really my problem. I don’t want to delete validation rule but “validation rule result” saved in validationresult table. You know with the data quality module you can save the results of validation rules. But I don’t see how to delete them.

Hi @didate ,

Persisted validation results allow a user to review validation results via the API without running validation analysis again. In some use cases where you have large datasets with thousands of millions of data element values, running validation analysis can take some time. In addition, a user might eventually update the data values so they pass the validation rule; persisting the result allows for a retrospective review of previous validation violations, not just based on the latest values.

The validation results are given a database ID which is accessible in the API.

You can also send a DELETE request to the validation results API endpoint with this ID.

Example request with R

You can also delete validation results in bulk based on the filter.

EDIT: you can find more details on how to delete validation rule results in the developer guide here:

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Thank you @brian for all these explanations.

Maybe this is an idea for a custom app