Delete or edit Notes in Tracker Capture

Hi everyone, hopefully this is an easy question – One of our users made a typo in the Notes field in Tracker Capture and would like to edit or delete the saved note. I don’t see anyway to do that in the front end. Is there an option to turn on editing for Tracker Capture notes?

We’re using DHIS2.29. Thanks for your help!

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Hi there!
The notes are currently non-editable, and a user would have to add a new note amending any previous notes that might contain errors.

In many use cases the users should never delete or edit previous notes; when storing medical details for example. If your use case is different, we are happy to receive a jira ticket describing it - potentially allowing note editing/deletion.

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Thanks Markus. I’ll talk to my team and put together a Jira ticket if we have a strong case for adding this option.