Delete Favorite Event Report Error

Hi all,
I’m using DHIS2 v.2.29, Build revision: fdf4f88, Build date: 2018-11-21 02:22.
When I try to delete a Favorite Event Report
I can’t delete them because of the error:

Code: 500
Status: Internal Server Error
could not execute statement.

The Favorite is created by me and is not in my Dahsboards. How can I verify (SQL View or something else) if the Favorite is in someone Dashboard in order to ask the user to delete them?
Is there some other reason for this error and how can be solved?

Is it possible to visualize more information in the Error message in order to facilitate the error solution?

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Hi @antonia, looks like it’s a bug; Someone from @dhis2-platform will check and confirm this in a while and advise if we can go ahead and log it to Jira.

I have found a similar logged bug for a previous version (2.28) that was fixed and another issue still open;



Thanks so much @jomutsani for your help.
I added my comment to both Jira issues.

I also verified that this Favorite is not associated with any dashboard, but I continue to receive the error and can’t delete the favorite.

Probably it is a bug.
Let me know if more details are needed.

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Thank you for the update @antonia. I will follow up on the Jira tickets with our team and update you once they check it out. Kindly be checking on it too in case they will need more information from you on how to reproduce the bug.


Hi @jomutsani
The problem was resolved only by a direct access to the DB. Below the explanation from the BAO support.
It will be very useful to have the notification for the associations and tools to eliminate them from the GUI.

I added this comment to the Jira DHIS2-2312 Issue.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 5:25 PM Motunrayo wrote:
Hi Antonia,

Unfortunately when an item has associations you cannot delete via the GUI. An access to the database is needed to see what associations there are, after which a sql query to delete the item will written and sent to run on the server. For this particular Favorite, it was associated with the following tables;

Hope this was helpful, I will be closing this ticket now. Please, let us know if you need any further assistance.

Best wishes,

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Hi @antonia,

I am glad to know it was resolved and thank you for sharing the explanation you received from the suport team.