Define Access level for 2 user in same organization unit and same form

I have a tracker program and 2 users have access to the same organization unit and the same form, now i want that each user to only can see their own data entry, how i can do so?

Hi @Habiba_Atify,
Thank you for your question! If I understand your question properly then it’s not possible for users to see only their own entered values and not the other users’ entered values for the same forms!

I have just one question for you please. What is the use case? :grinning:

Thank you Dear @Gassim for the response, Yes my use case is that two users in the same organization unit and same form can not see each other entered data.

Technically I don’t think it is possible. Do you want to make it that each single user can’t see the data values entered for any other user or is like a number of users can’t see the data entered by another number of users? Is it possible that you create several programs (or program stages) for several users…?

Yes, and may I ask how this will be used? What is the purpose?

I’ll get requests from different users within the same organization unit, and I don’t want them to be able to see each other’s data.

Yeah, sorry I’m not sure I completely understand the scenario here but if you are registering different information for different entities/users in the same organization unit then maybe register a new enrollment for each case?