Default Sharing for new Objects


I poked around at and didn’t find anyone else suggesting this. I’m having trouble with the blue print system so I am submitting this as my draft until I figure that out.

Are there any plans to make a “Default Sharing for New Objects created by user X”? Currently when a private user (with only private permissions for creating objects) creates an object they are defaulted to not share with anyone. This is fine and easily fixed, but the process can be daunting if one is looking share 100 or so data elements, all of the catcombos used, all the categories, all the category options, all the indicators, datasets, etc… It is equally hard when a user missed a single object in the stack and suddenly the data entry form won’t appear for any other users and there is no indication why.

One potential solution is to add a “default sharing for objects created by user X” and attach it to each user upon creation and have it be editable by the users via their account, and administrations via the user app.

It can reuse the exact same sharing window used everywhere, and appear on the user creation/edit page, or be a secondary option in a right click window, or even look and act like the following:

  1. All public user groups auto appear with “Default” or “Not shared” or “No additional Sharing”

  2. Added groups to the user groups section will add private groups dynamically to this list with the same default sharing type in number 1

  3. Only those changed to “Can view” or “Can Edit and View” will be entered into the (new) table keeping track of “Default Sharing for New Objects created by this user”

  4. Each new object created by that user will auto assume that sharing selection in their profile.

So in this examples case, each new object would be auto shared with the following:

Public or Private based on that user’s roles

Bo District M&E officers “Can Edit and View”
Bonthe District M&E Officers “Can View”

This would be a great help for removing confusion for users of private objects, especially when they don’t have the full understanding of how sharing works, as the administrator can ensure an automatic basic level of sharing.


Timothy Harding
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