Death form Analysis

In the death form
Is there a way to modify the data in a copy of the form while keeping the original data as it is?
With both forms remaining in the system (the original form remains the same, and the form whose data has been modified will be used in the analysis)

Would you give more details about the modifications? Perhaps you could create additional data elements /attributes and choose whether to make them appear in the report or not.


Dear Mr. Al-Gassim
thanks for your reaction

According to the flowchart …
Sometimes I need to modify the diagnosis to reach the main cause of death.
but i can not modify to the main form … because I need the original form without changing.
and i now do the changes after export the file out of DHIS2 >>>> to Excel file.
i wonder if i can do these changes in a copy and remain in the DHIS2 environment (because it is more easier to analysis and do figure and tables).

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Hi @Hassan_Alhaleb,
My suggestion is to create three additional data elements:

  1. ‘Direct cause of death (analysis)’
  2. ‘Other significant conditions contributing to death-1 (analysis)’
  3. ‘B)) due to (analysis)’
  4. ‘C)) due to (analysis)’

You can choose whether you want these to appear in the form or not, but then you are able to use Program rules to automatically assign 2 to 1 , and 4 to 3 . These data elements will also be available for analysis.

Two other options:

  1. Use the feedback widget
  2. Create a custom form and in the custom form put together both reports and separate the two (but even with a second report you’d still need a duplicate data element and the use of program rules.)

Hope this helps! :+1:

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