Deactivate/Activate tei enrollment in Capture App

Hi, Community. I’m testing the web Capture App and I wanted to ask if there is a way of activating/deactivating a TEI enrollment as we did in tracker-capture through enrollment widget:

In Capture App we have this elements in the enrollment widget

And I wanted to understand if, for example, “Mark as cancelled” is like deactivate an instance or it is something completely diferent?

Or if this deactive/activate feature is being left out the new Capture App?

Thanks in advance.



Hi @Evelyn.Villegas

Good point! This should be added to the documentation. I will triage this. :slight_smile:

I believe that “mark as cancelled” is the only and closest alternative to “deactivate instance” but probably a more advanced version because in the program’s dashboard in the web Capture app, there’s an option to list all the cancelled instances. The other reason why I believe it’s the same is because once you click “mark as cancelled”, it changes to “reactivate” so basically that’s what’s happening, it’s being deactivated and then there’s the option to reactivate.

Thanks for your question. Really helpful to point this out.

It looks like we are talking about 2 different “cancellations/deactivations”:

  • Enrollment. In TC, the wording used is “deactivate/activate”. In Capture, the wording used is “Mark as cancelled/Reactivate”. If you click the button, the enrollment status change to CANCELLED (or back to ACTIVE).

  • TEI. In TC, the wording used is “deactivate/activate _TET-name_”. If you hit the button, the TEI field inactive changes from false to true (or viceversa). I was not able to find this feature in the Capture app.

Is it possible to “inactive” a TEI using the Capture app?