Date of enrolment - retrospective data entry

I would like to echo Dr Lise.

I too am failing to back date the clients who are accessing a particular program despite having them enrolled few months backwards.The system gives me the current date.

How can these be resolved?




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Dear all,

Sorry for this series of questions…

Still on tracker.

We are doing some retrospective data entry to test a Tracker program.

We first enrol the patients in a programme A. On the registration form, we are allowed to modify the enrolment date (called date of admission) so that we can correctly do our retrospective data entry.

After completing this programme A, we would like to enrol the same patient in disease-specific program (programs B, C or D) to continue data entry. But when enrolling patients in a new program, we don’t have access to the enrolment date. It is automatically set up as of today.

Obviously, the main purpose of the tracker capture is to enter data prospectively, i.e. it should not be a problem in “real life”. But is there any mean of changing this behaviour and accessing the enrolment date when enrolling in a new program?



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