Datavaluesets import behaviour

Hello community. Iam running DHSI2 v2.40.3, the new experience is that when i am using the api to post datasetvaluests, the process is successful, but once i try to send the same value, period and orgunit, the response is ignored, which is not the case when i use v2.40.2.1 which update the current value. The other observation is, the import only update the value when the value is different, for example value:30, it import, when i change it to 31, it updates, but when i put 31 again it ignore. Any one with a clarification on this behaviour or a resource to the documentation can help.

Hi @BernardMasache

I hope I understand you correctly, but what you found as an issue is that the entries are not being updated when they are the same values? I would like to know how that’s an issue. The value is 31 and it gets updated to 31 so sense it’s the same value, why do you think it’s necessary that it gets updated all over again?

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Hi @BernardMasache
Yes, you are correct. If the values are the same, it will be ignored effectively, and the timestamp (lastupdated) will not be updated. However, I am pretty sure this has been the case for sometime. I checked quickly in version 2.38 and the same logic is there. See here

But yes, if the values are the same, the the data will effectively be ignored.

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