Datastore namespace collision when updating an application

For custom apps that use the data store, there is an issue with data store namespace collision (The error Namespace defined in the manifest is already in use appears) when installing a new version of an application if there is an older version of the same application installed in the instance. Is there a way to deal with this issue apart from uninstalling the existing application?

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Hi @nnkogift

I want to ask you, I think I remember but I’m not sure, could deleting the lock files help with these issues?

Hello @Gassim,

Which lock files are you referring to? Do you mean the yarn/npm .lock files?

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Yes, npm (pacakge-lock.json) and yarn (yarn.lock) :+1:

Hi @nnkogift - this might be something that the DHIS2 core needs to handle better, can you create a Jira issue and let us know what version of DHIS2 you are running? Thanks for reporting!


Thank you @austin and @Gassim for the help. The issue is reported here.


@nnkogift , @austin responded in the ticket:

This is a bit of a subtle issue because it only happens after a server restart. It will be fixed in the next patch releases (targeting 2.39.1 with backports to all supported versions). In the meantime the workaround is to uninstall the existing app and immediately re-install the new version