Dataset not loading in the Capture app


We have to create a dataset to digitalise a monthly report for health center in a country I am working for.

I have an issue with this massive dataset (300 DE with categories) on the mobile application, the configuration sync worked fine, I can see the Dataset in the Home screen, I can see the previous web submissions but when I open a previous submission or when I try to create a new one not a single section manage to load the DE, all I can see is the loading Icon.

Capture App version 2.3
Android Version: 10 and ChromeOS
DHIS2: 2.30

Other simple dataset are working fine

Do you have any idea of the reason ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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Hi @pmpdelcroix.

Could yo contact me in private to provide credentials to see what can be the issue?

Dear all,

Jaime was really helpful and after quite some time and effort on those he found the issues, all the issue where related to the fact that I imported my metadata (I have an excel file where I describe them, so I can work offline)

  1. The android app doesn’t support having the same uid for 2 metadata instance EVEN if they are from different entities; it doesn’t create an error message during the import of the metadata and it work well on the data entry web application

  2. I had issues with my categories as some had 2 times the same category option (copy paste error, the data entry application showed the same category option twice)

  3. when the category options are imported via the web API, the default sharing is public read/write for the metadata but NO public rights for the data entry (I never though of this one as I was able to see the catOption on the data entry web application)

I hope it can help other, @jaime.bosque once again thank you for all your time and effort, I really appreciate

best regards


Thanks @pmpdelcroix .

All the mentioned issues that were consdiered bugs were properly reported: