Dataset import causes all custom datasets to hide datavalues in data entry screen

Experiencing a strange thing. We created datasets in the development instance, unfortunately enough, when we export these datasets into another production instance. All the forms in the production instance hide all the data values and completeness too is lost on these forms. One funny thing is that reports have this data (Pivots, visuals, etc).

Thoughts, could it be that the imported dataset changes all the dataset id’s to have the same with the new form?
This problem has troubled me and I remain puzzled. I need help.

Kind regard

I had a similar problem when i was starting a new DHIS2 instance.

I solved it when i [Run Analytics Tables on DHIS2]
This link have all the instructions

I hope that it can help you

@ramona Thank you, but mine is a different case altogether. I am closer to finding a solution hopes though. But thanks for the knowledge.

Ok. you are welcome